Saturday 4 November 2017

How to play android games on your blackberry?

If you did not know that you can play android games on your blackberry smartphone - where were you since this was announced by Blackberry in 2014. This feature first came out in BlackBerry OS 10 and is still not so good at playing all the games out there. But, you can expect to run a fair share of the modern day android games on your blackberry. If you blackberry is above or at OS 10.2.1, just don't worry and start installing those Android APK files directly from Dertz.

Firstly, head over to Settings, then to App Manager, Installing Apps, and tap on the toggle switch to turn it on. If you cannot do that, please read this guide.

Using your blackberry browser, visit Dertz and select Games, and then select Android. Do not choose your phone model as that will just show games specifically made for your device and will hide the android games. You can then download any of these games and installation should start as soon as you open the file! BAM!

I guess you might have noticed how big the collection of android games for blackberry is on Dertz! So don't sleep until you have tried all of them! Keep visiting, and keep downloading!

Friday 29 January 2016

Java Games

There are so many mobile resolutions available on the internet that downloading a java game for your smartphone seems like a difficult job. But worry no more - Dertz is to your rescue! We have the best java games for you categorized by their resolution and mobile type. Hence you can download the java game that will fit your mobile phone screen perfectly!

You can visit the java games portal of Dertz and enjoy downloading these games for free. You can also choose your phone and get games that are specifically tailored for you device screen!

Friday 18 December 2015

Download Free eBooks!

While sitting at the library, we often wonder if the book we are reading is available for reading online. If it is, then we can easily open the ebook on our computer or mobile and read it whenever we want. Also, there would be no hassle of issuing the book from the library and no hassle of returning it! Sounds interesting? Read on.

Now you can download ebooks for free from the biggest collection in the world - these ebooks are categorized by simple categories, and you can download them without any registration or any sign up! What is even more interesting is that books from famous authors are available for free download.

You can download the ebooks in pdf, jar, apk, or the most generic txt format. This enables you to read the ebooks on any device anywhere! So what are you waiting for, download the best ebooks for free from Dertz!

Thursday 28 May 2015

Make your phone sound better when someone calls you!

Are you bored of that annoying tring tring? Want your phone to sound different from the crowd? Then you need to have the right ringtones. But how do you find a collection of free ringtones where each one sound better than the last? Simple, visit the ringtones section of dertz and you will see the top 50 ringtones for free download.

You can download different format of ringtones like wma ringtones, mp3 ringtones, wav ringtones. You can also preview the ringtones before downloading them, just press the play button on the right side of that ringtone's pane!

Monday 25 May 2015

More Java Jar Games for free download!

We have recently updated Dertz and added more than 500 new games that you can play in your java enabled mobile phone. These games are in jar format and will run fine on mobiles that have java capability. Some of them are 3d java games so might not run on your phone if don't have one of those high end java phone, but, a majority of them will give you inexpressible pleasure for many free hours to come.

You can visit the games section, and search for a game name or just select the free jar games section and download the game whose photo looks the best to you :-) As we have added a lot of android stuff, the java games might not be looking on top of the gaming section, so do select java games specifically. And don't forget to rate the games you play!

Friday 20 February 2015

How to download 3D racing android games?

Who in this world does not like racing a car or a motorcycle - living life on the edge. We all have grown up watching Pedro or Rossi and have a childhood fantasy of being a great racing legend like them one day. From F1 racing to MotoGP, all of them have the charm and the rockstar lifestyle. But what if you don't have the money or car to race? What should you do? One solution would be to start looking for money from somewhere, maybe do a bank job(this might help) or fake your own kidnapping(only if your dad is rich)

Another better solution would be to just suck it up and buy an android or java capable mobile phone. That is a marvelous solution in the current economic slowdown. You wont be on the wanted-fugitives list and you can actually build a (virtual) career. :-)

You can always head to to search for your favorite 3d racing games for android or 3d racing games for java, sit on your couch, pop up that soda can, and enjoy your life on the edge without the fear of death!

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Dertz is working again!

Sorry to all those who were trying to visit Dertz when It was down for 2 hours on the 17th of December 2013. We got down due to a lot of traffic but are back online again with newer servers to support the huge traffic boost we have had. Thanks to all users and fans of Dertz!

We are ever increasing our database of games and ringtones, mostly android games and mp3 ringtones. We have more than 300 new items in most categories added daily, so you can be sure that when you visit Dertz, you always have the best and most fresh free stuff for you mobile smartphone. Enjoy Dertz! We are soon hoping to get a mobile appstore for java and android based devices. Our appstore will carry our legendary message: being simple and getting those downloads free! Keep tuned in for that.