Tuesday 17 December 2013

Dertz is working again!

Sorry to all those who were trying to visit Dertz when It was down for 2 hours on the 17th of December 2013. We got down due to a lot of traffic but are back online again with newer servers to support the huge traffic boost we have had. Thanks to all users and fans of Dertz!

We are ever increasing our database of games and ringtones, mostly android games and mp3 ringtones. We have more than 300 new items in most categories added daily, so you can be sure that when you visit Dertz, you always have the best and most fresh free stuff for you mobile smartphone. Enjoy Dertz! We are soon hoping to get a mobile appstore for java and android based devices. Our appstore will carry our legendary message: being simple and getting those downloads free! Keep tuned in for that.

Sunday 1 September 2013

New mobile site design!

We have updated the website to offer a simple but intuitive design on mobile devices. You can see the new look automatically when you visit from any old mobile or smartphone. This responsive design helps to browse the website easily on mobile devices using even the most native of browsers!

Visit dertz - www.dertz.in from your mobile phone to experience the new simple design and download games, apps, themes, and wallpapers for your phone without any registration or waiting time!

Thursday 25 April 2013

Free java games for your cellphone!

According to estimations, people spend more than 1% of their time annually searching for games for their mobile phone and this percentage is growing as are there are more mobile phone subscribers every year added to the list. Now you really don't want to spend that much time in one year searching for free java games for your cellphone, even though that much time in one year sounds a little less.

So, if you really wanted to get all those free java games for your mobile phone in jar format and you really hate it when some websites give them out in rar format which only high end mobile phones can understand - I recommend you try out Dertz - http://www.dertz.in because this website is just awesome and you would not ever have seen a collection of free java games as big as the one on Dertz.

All of the free java games are categorized into different categories as action, arcade, adventure, puzzle so you can find what type of game you are looking for

Download latest java mobile games free

Well you can find hell lots of java games online for free download for your mobile phone. But when you search all you find are games that you have already played, or games that do not fit the screen of your mobile phone and worst are those games that would let you play only for a couple of minutes and then ask for a credit card number. I mean, how desperate can people be for money. Asking for money for a free java game just because you are downloading it from a premium website sounds like the worst mistake someone could ever do. So that is why we opened Dertz - www.dertz.in

Whatever you find on Dertz is always free. You will never be asked for you credit card details while on Dertz and you will have access to direct download links which are hosted on the highspeed Dertz servers - this means that you can download all those latest and best java games for you mobile as and when you want using your download manager and anywhere in the world without even paying a dime.

So, we humbly request you all to stop paying for free mobile java games when you can get better games for FREE from Dertz. However rich you are free is always better!

Dertz has been launched!

Hello everybody we have just been launched! Now you can download all those games you wanted to download for you mobile phone. We have java and symbian games in our database which we think is one of the biggest you will ever come across. Nothing is user submitted, each and every of our game posted on the website is managed by humans. That means you will find quality stuff for your mobile on Dertz. Find free mobile java games on dertz and free wallpapers for you phone.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Dertz will be launched within this week!

Hello everybody. Very excited as this week will be the birthday of Dertz. For those that don't know what Dertz is - It is a website offering free download of all type of free stuff for mobile like games, apps, wallpapers, themes, etc. We have so much content that you will be our fan the very first time you visit our site. Everything is gonna be neatly arranged so as to not let you be tired searching for any game app or themes you want. Wallpapers are given a nice preview so you know what you are going to download. Anything you want to download is placed just 3 clicks away from the homepage.

We will post here the moment Dertz is launched. Meanwhile keep checking at Dertz - www.dertz.in