Saturday 4 November 2017

How to play android games on your blackberry?

If you did not know that you can play android games on your blackberry smartphone - where were you since this was announced by Blackberry in 2014. This feature first came out in BlackBerry OS 10 and is still not so good at playing all the games out there. But, you can expect to run a fair share of the modern day android games on your blackberry. If you blackberry is above or at OS 10.2.1, just don't worry and start installing those Android APK files directly from Dertz.

Firstly, head over to Settings, then to App Manager, Installing Apps, and tap on the toggle switch to turn it on. If you cannot do that, please read this guide.

Using your blackberry browser, visit Dertz and select Games, and then select Android. Do not choose your phone model as that will just show games specifically made for your device and will hide the android games. You can then download any of these games and installation should start as soon as you open the file! BAM!

I guess you might have noticed how big the collection of android games for blackberry is on Dertz! So don't sleep until you have tried all of them! Keep visiting, and keep downloading!